How To Dominate NBA 2K16 With Stephen Curry

Today we are going over some NBA 2K16 tips and tricks to use with Stephen Curry.  These concepts can be used with other good guards in NBA 2K16 but we are going over it here with Steph Curry.

Shooting with Stephen Curry is fairly simple, just release after about 2 seconds.  Most of the time, you will get a perfect release.

If you want to do a step back jumper in NBA 2K16, just double tap the X/square button or pull the right stick down.

Another deadly move to pull with the NBA’s most dominant guard is the crossover dribble.  This is simple to do.  All it takes is to push the right stick to the left or to the right.  If done correctly, this can provide enough space for you to be able to get an open look.

Check out the video below for even more NBA 2k16 tips and tutorials.

How To Dominate NBA 2K16 With Stephen Curry
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