NBA 2K16 Half Court Flex Offense Tutorial

In this NBA 2K16 tip, we will be covering how to run the half court offense Flex.  This offense can be very effective against man-to-man defense. In the video below you can see how the screens that are set along with the motion of the offense frees up a lot of space for quality looks.

This scheme would best fit a team that you would be comfortable with everyone to touching the ball. Teams like the Spurs, or the Warriors could use this offense effectively. In this offense the ball goes to whoever is open and whoever has the best shot.

If you want an offense that focuses primarily on one player, this isn’t the offense you should be running.

The way to run it is very simple.  After you set the half-court offense to Flex, you go to the wing. The play starts to develop first with the screen for the Center.  If he is open hit him down low for any easy two points. If he is covered just be patient and the screen will free up the player running to the other wing for three.

You shouldn’t run this every single time in a game, but it can be effective to throw in every now and then.

NBA 2K16 Half Court Flex Offense Tutorial
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