NBA 2K16 Money Play: Fist 91 Side

In today’s NBA 2K16 tip, Youtuber Sam Pham goes over one of his favorite money plays in this year’s game.  It is called Fist 91 Side and it can be found in the Nets and the Bucks playbooks.

There are a bunch of options with this play, which he calls the Double Dragon.  There are a bunch of options within the play but they all revolve around your point guard coming off a double high screen set by your power forward and center.

You will want to make sure you have a good three point shooter in the far corner.  After you come off the double high screen, you can either continue to the basket or you can kick it to out to your shooter for a corner 3.

You can also work in the big guys with a few more complicated options.  This play is all about making the correct reads.  If you do it right, it is almost impossible to stop in NBA 2K16.

You can check out all of the options by watching the video below.

NBA 2K16 Money Play: Fist 91 Side
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