NBA 2K16 Offense Strategy – Pace Motion Cuts

Ever have a tough time getting people open or scoring on your opponent in NBA 2K16 when they are playing man-to-man defense? We’ve got the answer to your problems.

The Pace half court set is specifically for beating man, with the picks and the cuts that go on in this set you will be able to be an offensive threat without having to call actual plays.

The beginning of the video will show how to set up the Pace offense, make sure to follow each step including the steps for the game settings. Changing the play call vision allows you to be able to see the basic play art of where you need to move your players and where the players you aren’t controlling are going to be.

Setting up Pace is very quick and easy however actually running it effectively can be tough at first but once you get the right feel for it, it will help you immensely. As stated in the video, there are two ways to run Pace, the first way is at the top of the key, and the second way is on the wing.

Starting off at the top of the key, the center will come and set a pick and he will roll to the basket. The center should have the defender beat for an easy dunk.

Now the way the spacing is set up in Pace, if defenders crash down on the center you can kick it out to the corner or the wing depending on which defender crashed for an open look for three. That is really what this offense is about, getting good quality shots.

The second way of running this set is on the wing, it is pretty much the same idea except you start on the wing. There will still be a pick and roll and you keep moving the ball around to get the best shot available. The defenders will have to crash on the pick and roll and if they do not crash you have an easy dunk.

Practice really does make perfect with this set, because once you are comfortable with making the passes it is very easy to run and very effective. The main key is getting open shots.

NBA 2K16 Offense Strategy – Pace Motion Cuts
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