NBA 2K16 Offense Tips – Pick and Roll Freelance Tutorial

If you are struggling on offense in NBA 2K16, here is an offense that you can try out that will really help you.

There are 5 steps you have to do before you can run this offense effectively.

  1. Go to your point of emphasis and set it to Run Offense through James Harden
  2. Change playbook to Bucks
  3. Go to gameplan and assign plays.  Go to James Harden and take away all of his plays except for P & R ball handler
  4. Go to options – coach settings – and change it to look like this:

nba 2k16 coach settings

The last step is then to access your halfcourt strategy and switch your halfcourt set to Houston and your action to Freelance actions.

Then just click up on the D Pad any time you want to run a pick and roll play.

The reason we choose the Bucks playbook is because they have some of the nastiest pick and roll plays in NBA 2K16.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you want to use Houston freelance regardless of whether you are using James Harden or someone else.

Here is a video going over everything in more detail.

Those of you who have tried out the pick and roll freelance offense with James Harden, what do you think?  Sound off in the comments.

NBA 2K16 Offense Tips – Pick and Roll Freelance Tutorial
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