NBA 2K16 Patch #5 Now Out On PS4 and XBOX One

A new patch is now available for NBA 2K16 on the XBOX One and PlayStation 4.  The update is in preparation for the Road to the Finals 2K Pro Am Tournament that is coming up soon.

You can check out the fixes for the latest NBA 2K16 patch below.

  • Fixed an issue where users were able to equip mascot costumes despite not having the appropriate rep level in MyPARK.
  • Addressed a game disconnect that would sometimes occur during scrimmage games in MyCOURT when there are spectators.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing unwanted ankle breaker reactions on defenders who were standing in good defensive position.
  • Resolved a rare case where a Pro-Am Arena game would stall out on the loading screen.
  • (PS4) Adjusted the ‘How Much Ya Got?’ requirements such that a maximum salary offer will unlock the Trophy (regardless of how many years the contract offer is for).
  • Added ‘Player of the Week’ and ‘Player of the Month’ panels to the MyPARK leaderboards.
NBA 2K16 Patch #5 Now Out On PS4 and XBOX One
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