NBA 2K16 Post Moves Tutorial

In this tutorial, popular YouTube personality Sam Pham is going over one of the best post moves in NBA 2K16.  Let’s dive right in.

The first post move covered is the spin to the baseline and then finishing in the paint.  It does take a little bit of stick skills but with practice, you can do it pretty easily.

To pull it off, you will want to hold the L2/LB and start backing down into the post.  Once you get close to the key, push the left stick to the baseline.  then let go of L2/LB and then hold R2/RB.  This will initiate a spin move.  Since you want to spin to the basket, inch the left stick towards the basket.  Then just finish.

The video below does a great job of going over it in more detail as well as a counter move that you can use in the low post.  This takes a little timing so take it into practice mode before you try to use it in an NBA 2K16 game that matters.

NBA 2K16 Post Moves Tutorial
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